Mobile / Laptop Insurance

How to do Mobile Insurance Claim/Type of service Request

Currently we are providing three type of Service Request all Over India

  1. Self  Service
  2. DymajeCare Service
  3. Door Step Service

Self Service mobile insurance: You have to go to the respective brand service center to get estimate for Repair or Replacement and same you have to inform us, After informing you will get 50% of Estimate Amount Instantly to start the Repairing or Replacement, Remaining refund will be given after the final bill submission within 2-3 days based on your protection plan.
DymajeCare mobile insurance Service:  We will arrange free pick-up and drop-off for your device, It will take Minimum of 4 day & Maximum of 7 days to get your device repaired or Replace, All cost are covered by DymajeCare based on your protection plan. Door step service is available on selected cities for more detail read refund and cancellation policy page.

FAQs about Online Mobile Insurance – 2020-21

What is the meaning of Mobile Insurance?

Old Mobile Insurance includes

Every Company have different meaning compare to it’s plan and dymajecare has its own meaning read more on the product plan page

Which Type of Mobile Insurance cover full Protection in India?

The word full protection is always confusing in terms of Internal damage or External damage or your device data protection not any type of damage protection. dymaje provide 100% Protection against any (Physical, Accidental, Liquid, Theft) damage for more details visit here

My Phone is of 1,2,3,4,..24 month old can i purchase Mobile insurance?

Yes, you can Purchase Mobile Insurance. It is available from the same day of Purchase till 3 years.

What mobile devices are eligible for coverage?

The list of covered devices depends on your wireless provider’s specific cellular phone insurance program. Here are some examples of typical covered devices: iPhone, Feature phones, Smartphones, Tablets.

How do I claim phone insurance for my stolen/theft Mobile Insurance?

Please call customer service number and report loss of phone immediately after the occurrence of the event and post this, we will send you the claim form to file your claims. You need to submit the relevant documents required to process your claim.

What is included in the mobile insurance?

Physical damage, Accidental Damage, Water and theft are included.

Which Mobile are launched during Covid- 19 and it's Mobile Insurance?

During the crisis some smartpone launched are iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, Oppo Ace 2, Huawei P Series, Redmi Note 9 Pro, oppo Reno 3 Pro.

Can i Re-new my mobile insurance?

Yes, You can re-new your mobile Phone Insurance using dymaje mobile insurance re-new option.

Can i Re-new my mobile insurance using EMI?

Yes, You can re-new your mobile Insurance using EMI at the checkout.

Can i buy phone insurance of my old mobile using EMI?

Yes, Make sure your mobile is not more than 3 year old.

Is mobile insurance for theft/snatching is included in EMI?

Yes, Please check the phone insurance plan number 2,3,7.

1. Why should I protect my phone with DymajeCare Mobile Phone Insurance Plan?

DymajeCare Mobile Phone insurance provides peace of mind and so much more. We help you save money from costly replacements and our mobile insurance provides a protection plan against any damage (including liquid damage) and malfunction.

2. How to do mobile phone insurance?

To enroll, Click on the this link to Register Your Gadgets & Appliance. Typically, you are only eligible to enroll if you have not more than 3 year old phone.You can register for any Mobile Phone purchased Nationally or Internationally from 1st day of purchase of your phone to 3 years.

3. How do I file a mobile Insurance claim?

Read more about how to file a claim with DymajeCare mobile insurance on calming process. To get started, click here and select your order Repair Refund. Be sure to have the make and model of your device available, and have a method of payment. After you submit your claim, you should receive an email or call.

4. Which Type of Mobile Insurance cover full Protection in India?

The word full Mobile protection is always confusing in terms of Internal damage or External damage or your device data protection not any type of damage protection. we provide 100% Protection against any (Physical, Accidental, Liquid, Theft) damage for more details visit here

5. What is the meaning of Mobile Insurance?

Every Company have different meaning of Mobile Insurance compare to it’s plan and dymajecare has its own meaning read more

6. What is the term of the Mobile Insurance service?

DymajeCare Mobile Insurance is applicable for up to 3 additional years with the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the sum of manufacturer’s warranty and  should not exceed 3 years.

7. Can I extend the warranty on my phone for 2 more years?

DymajeCare is available for 1 additional year on Mobile Phones and Tablets.You can renew it every year.

8. I changed my mind and I want to cancel the plan, can I get a refund?

While we will be sorry to see you cancel the plan, we can certainly refund the plan within 15 days of purchase of plan, provided you have not already filed a Service Request or Repair Request.

9. What if the Mobile/Laptop  cannot be repaired?

For brands that do not repair damaged parts or if Mobile/Laptop cannot be repaired due to unavailability of spare parts, DymajeCare will provide you with an equivalent replacement of Mobile/Laptop which may or may not be a new piece.

10. What if I do not want to avail of the Pair, Pick & Drop services, can I get the Mobile/Laptop repaired on my own?

Yes, you can take your Mobile/Laptop repaired on your own. Please keep in mind that DymajeCare needs to be informed about the damage BEFORE submitting the Gadgets & Appliances to the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

11. How will I know if the Mobile/Laptop will be picked up or if you will send a technician at home for repairs?

This is generally decided based on the category of Mobile/Laptop Insurance Claim. We will co-ordinate with Service Centers and send a technician home based on your convenience. Wherever it is not possible to send the technician home for repairs, we will pick them up and send it to the Service Center for repairs. If the technician that comes home for repairs is unable to repair the Gadgets & Appliances on-site, we will have it transported to the nearest Service Center free of cost for repairs.

12. What are other examples of specific issues arising out of normal wear and tear that are not covered under DymajeCare ?

Some examples of problems occurring due to wear and tear include the following. However, please note this is not a comprehensive list:

  •       Parts that may have rusted
  •       Issues in the cavity of a Microwave
  •       Damages to hinges of a laptop
13. What about Spare Device?

Hand Over the Spare Gadgets & Appliances getting your Repaired Gadgets & Appliances, Failing to do you have to pay full cost of Spair Gadgets & Appliances

14. Can i buy Old or New Mobile Insurance on EMI?

Yes, You can we have 50 -50- Mobile Insurance EMI option available during checkout.

Roman Pereira
Roman Pereira
Roman Pereira

Excellent Work and Quick Service: Got cashless claim of my iPhone from This Insurance in just 3 days.I m impressed with the speed of settlement of claim and the seamless process of claim ReplyLike

Mike hill
Mike hill
Mike hill

My S8 plus broke last week and immediately filed claim from this company. Claim team did the wonderful job for the claim I made. Picked up the device from my office and yesterday I recieved back with my entire display changed. I strongly recommend it for your expensive devices. Thank You claim team.


One of the best mobile insurance here and so fast service and so many times go this mobile insurance and services my mobile and I will get to all recommend to go this mobile insurance

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